Maria Antwna
DATE: July 26, 2014
TIME: 23:30
LOCATION: Rruga Butrinti, Saranda, Albania
Beauty And The Beat – Dj. Maria Antwna July 26, 2014

Born at Thessaloniki. She has realized her love about music during her studies. She has a degree in logistics & as a flight assistant.
She is working as a radio producer atone of the biggest radio stations of Thessaloniki (Greece) -NEXT Fm 96.1
(every day 18.00-21.00 “Beauty and the Beat”)
Her show has the biggest ratings as her sense of humor and her unique voice capture the audience of the 2nd biggest city of Greece.

At 2011 she has successfully completed the famous ‘decadance dj school’ while she has played across all over Greece always at the best bars and clubs. (Myconos,Chios,Crete, Corfu, Xanthi, Kavala,Athens,Lefkada,Mytilini, Cyprus & Germany and more). She played in front of 4.000 people at Beach Party at Falasarna of Crete and in 5.000 fans in Fridays Club , at Bochum of Germany.

Her music balances between House and Rock music with elements of 80s and 90s. In combination with her model like appearance makes her a unique female dj with excellent technical skills and unique touch with the crowd.

She is now working on music production along with Pink Noisy,one of the most talented music producers in Greece. Their first music bob is ready and it will be released on summer of 2014!

Her Official Sponsor : Torino Lamborgini Energy Drink

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